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Welcome: Vshell has been in business for almost ten years, a major accomplishment in an industry such as shell providers with a high level of success. The experience and dedication of our staff have been proven over time. Do not trust your money received by any other provider of shell provider, your comfort is our MOTTO to become a provider of high-quality shell provider.

Guarantee: All accounts will be processed within a maximum of 12 hours after we received your payment. All types of accounts does not cost SETUP, and never will. 24/7 online support. 99.9% uptime and indeed WARRANTY of our!!!

Price List: Hosting packages starts at @ Rp 275rb/year.( Free domain .com ). Eggdrop/BNC packages starts at @ Rp 10rb/mo. IRCd packages starts at a price of @ Rp 50rb/mo. VPS packages starting at a price of @ Rp 50rb/mo. Dedicated packages with prices starting @ Rp 1jt/mo. We provide the cheapest price for you.

Easy to use: Anybody can use our services and set up their own psyBNC, IRCd , or VPS . We guide you step-by-step on how to do it and even offer live support on IRC ( irc.allnetwork.org #Vshell) if you have any questions.

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Our server's uptime is now OVER 150 DAYS with a low usage load and a super fast 100 Mbps firewalled connection that will keep your services running 24/7.

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