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Tenant (hereinafter referred to as the consumer) is NOT allowed to:

Using Vshell Network for activities that are contrary to the law in force in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or the laws enacted in the jurisdiction where you live, or the law in force at the place where our server is placed.

Save a file or content that is directly or indirectly

contains files:

- Illegal MP3 files or similar
- Pirated software
- Hacking & Phreaking programs or archives
- Warez Sites

Using Network Vshell server for illegal activities or who assist illegal activities that are contrary to the Laws internet rules, be it international regulations or regulations of Indonesia, such as: hacking, nuking, cracking, deface, DDOS, Flood, Scanning, passwd Brute force attack etc. which are detrimental.

Users are strictly forbidden to run programs and resource consuming high cpu running background processes such as ircproxy, tinyproxy, balance, relays, Xhide and similar processes which we consider to violate the rules of our services.

Trying to damage, replace data and / or systems that are in vshell.net which is not a right of the consumer concerned, or do things that could be considered detrimental to the system belongs Vshell Network.

Trying to damage, and replace data or server system through a third party server Vshell Network.

Sending spam emails (emails offering goods or services, promotion) are not requested and desired by others through a server Vshell Network.

Manipulate the process to exceed the process that has been specified. Add user psyBNC / Eggdrop excess of that specified. Wearing Private vhost another user, using admin vhost (the vhost that is not in the public list vhost). Jumping connection to illegal servers.

For security, We block all IPv6 to HTTP, HTTPS, port 25 for SMTP traffic.

Customer's programs and services may not use more than 90% of one CPU core per process thread for more than 15 minutes. Customer's programs and services will be limited to 90% of 1 CPU core if found to be using more than 90% of one CPU core per process thread. Subscriber's programs and services may not use more than 200% of two CPU cores for more than 2 minutes.

If Customer is found to be in violation of this policy, service will be stopped and customer shall not be entitled to a refund of any fees paid in advance prior to such violation and will impose fine 100 EUR for first occurance, 250 EUR for second occurance and 500 EUR for the third occurance.

Violation of rules & regulation above, the Vshell Network can:

Vshell Network will unilaterally terminate services to consumers without reimbursement of the rent.

Special Provisions:

Funds that have been paid to us, are not refundable for any reason if the customer cancels the contract unilaterally.

Operating System reinstalls

For most clients, an OS reinstall is something that is not done very often. We understand some clients may need additional reinstalls. Our support will cover one free reinstall per week per account. Additional reinstalls beyond this will incur a $35 fee.

Consumer rights:

Getting the full service of Vshell Network. If Vshell Network forever within 30 days in a row can not be functioning properly Vshell Network server to disturbances originating either from the server itself and the things that may arise as a result of things that are not desirable from a third party, the consumer entitled to receive the remainder of the money they pay for services that they have not acquired.

Consumer obligations:

Pay on time over which the consumer messaging service no later than the due date stated on the invoice.

Obey the rules and regulations of the Vshell Network.

This thing has not specified above will be determined at a later time.


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